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Anton Paar: Solutions for Optimised Beer Analysis

Anton Paar: Wherever You Are: Solutions for Optimized Beer Analysis

Anton Paar Package Beverage Analyzer for Beer. One sample – all parameters.

The determination of alcohol, density/SG, extract, original extract and CO2/O2 is extremely important for the quality control in the brewing industry. Conventional methods first determine the CO2/O2 content and then require sample preparation for further analysis steps. The sample has to be heated to 20°C – 25°C, filtered and degassed before alcohol, extract, and original extract can be determined.

PBA-B Generation M (Packaged Beverage Analyzer for Beer, short: PBA-B)

PBA-B Generation M (Packaged Beverage Analyzer for Beer, short: PBA-B) determines the density, alcohol, original extract, CO2/O2 and other important quality parameters for beer and beer mixtures.

With PBA-B, filtering or degassing is not required before the measurement. The sample is filled into the measuring cell directly from the bottle or can using compressed gas or Nitrogen if O2 measurement is required. This procedure considerably reduces the amount of work involved for lab personnel. PBA-B analyses the sample approximately four times quicker than conventional methods do.

The instrumentation

PBA-B consists of the following Anton Paar measuring instruments:

  • DMA 4500/5000 M density meter
  • Alcolyzer Beer ME module
  • CarboQC ME with optional O2 Plus beverage measuring module
  • PFD Filling Device
  • Options: Measurement modules for pH value, haze, beer colour and Sample Conditioner for cold samples

After only 3 – 5 minutes the results are available and displayed on the screen of DMA M. The CO2-corrected density (degassed density) is calculated. All further parameters, such as original extract, real and apparent extract are calculated from the alcohol and CO2-corrected density values. If required, the results can be printed out or transferred to a LIMS.

The advantages at a glance

  • Measurement with PBA-B is approx. 4 times quicker than with conventional methods
  • Quality control of alcohol, original extract, real extract, CO2 in the basic configuration
  • No time-consuming sample preparation (no preheating, no degassing, no filtering)
  • Measurement method conforming with MEBAK and EBC standard
  • Accurate and repeatable results
  • Upgrade with measurement modules for beer colour, pH-value, haze and dissolved oxygen is possible


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