Papermaking – Online process control solutions

In order to run each part of the papermaking process optimally, constant quality checks and analyses should be performed.

Dependable online, inline, and atline solutions for your papermaking needs.

The pulp and paper industry is full of difficult processes and aggressive matrices. In order to run each part of the papermaking process optimally, constant quality checks and analyses should be performed. Analyzing crucial process parameters inline, atline, or online instead of manual offline laboratory analysis saves time and op­timises process efficiency while reducing operation cost. Real time analysis as an integrated part of process control and automation will help you increase yields and improve production quality.

Kraft Process

This is the dominant pulping process with the highest chemical recovery efficiency. Sodium hydroxide and so­dium sulfide, the main chemicals used to pulp wood (also known as liquors) are monitored in several stages of the cooking process from the digester to the recovery boiler to the causticizing plant. Frequent, reliable online measurements lead to a more effective process, better quality of the white liquors for reuse in pulp production and energy savings by efficient generation of high pressure steam.

Sample preconditioning

Online sample preconditioning systems lower maintenance costs and help analyses run more smoothly.

Metrohm Process Analytics can provide a complete and exact solution for almost any application due to more than 40 years of experience in process analytics. Projects range from one analyzer in combination with simple sample preparation to complete turnkey packages with shelters, piping, wiring and interfacing.

Sulfate measurement by thermometric titration

Sulfate concentration can be easily measured with ther­ mometric titration. Metrohm is currently the only ma­nufacturer on the market offering online thermometric titration, and the 2035 Thermometric Process Analyzer is ideal for this application.

Spectroscopic applications for papermaking

For fast, reagent­-free, nondestructive analyses, near­ infrared spectroscopy can be used.

Benefits of online monitoring

No matter what application, our turn­key process solu­tions from Metrohm Process Analytics are indispensable when it comes to increasing throughput and saving money in your plant.

Metrohm Process Analytics offers several analytical techniques in many different analyzer configurations for any need: titration, photometry, ion chromatography, NIR spectroscopy, and ion-selective measurements. Metrohm online process analysers and custom sample preconditioning systems are manufactured in the Netherlands and supported by MEP instruments service engineers nationwide.

Download our short guide “Pulp and Paper Industry – Dependable online, inline, and atline solutions for your papermaking needs.” from the links below.

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