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Friction and wear behavior of polymeric coatings in cartons

Friction and wear behavior of polymeric coatings in cartons

Anton Paar MCR Tribometer with ball-on-disc test configuration.

Polymeric coatings in cartons protect content

Cartons used for packaging of liquids such as milk or juices are usually coated with barrier layers on their inner and outer walls. These layers are generally polymeric films which act as a two-way barrier; i.e., they insulate the contents from the outside atmosphere and hazardous elements, and at the same time, hinder leakage of the contents.

The polymeric layers need to withstand several steps during their manufacturing process; any damage to these layers can lead to contamination of the contents or even leakage.

This application report presents a methodology using the MCR Rheo-tribometer from Anton Paar to test the wear resistance of the polymeric layers applied on the walls of the cartons. A ball-on-disc configuration was used and information such as coefficient of friction (CoF) and break-away torque can be accurately measured.

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