Metrohm DropSens: Spectroelectrochemical Measurements

Metrohm DropSens: Spectroelectrochemical Measurements

An integrated electrochemistry and spectroscopy in one box.

Combine electrochemistry and spectroscopy in one measurement with SPELEC. The SPELEC instrument is an integrated solution consisting of a bipotentiostat/ galvanostat combined with a spectrometer, light source (215-400 nm Deuterium, 360-2500 nm Tungsten halogen), dedicated software and accessories including electrodes and spectroelectrochemical cells.

All the components are perfectly fitted and synchronized, thus offering for the first time in the market a fully integrated synchronized spectroelectrochemical instrument in one box.


Available in two detection range versions

200 to 900 nm – SPELEC UV-Vis

350 to 1050 nm – SPELEC Vis-NIR

Key features

  • Combined bipotentiostat / galvanostat and spectrometer with light source
  • ± 4 V DC potential range; ± 40 mA maximum measurable current
  • Two detection ranges available: 200–900 nm and 350–1050 nm
  • Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical mode can be used independently
  • Probes available for Absorbance, transmission and reflection mode
  • Electrodes, cells and other accessories for transmission, reflection and flow analysis
  • Dedicated software for perfect synchronization of optical and electrochemical measurement
  • Compatible with any kind of spectroelectrochemical cell and with screen-printed electrodes


Possible applications

Spectroelectrochemical techniques have been widely used in various branches of chemistry ranging from inorganic, organic, physical and surface chemistry, nanoscience to biochemistry. Some of the possible applications of SPELEC are:

  • Investigating and identifying electroactive species and redox reactions products
  • Electrocatalytic reactions, reaction intermediates and kinetics
  • Structural change of redox/electroactive molecules with respect to potential change
  • Redox active coordination and organometallic compounds
  • Electron transfer in proteins and biomolecules
  • New materials characterization
  • Photochemical energy conversion
  • Photovoltaic cell
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