Iodide in Milk – How much sample prep? – Almost none

Iodide in Milk - How much sample prep? - Almost none

Metrohm Ion Chromatography provides a fast alternative to the current industry standard for iodide determination which requires labour intensive sample preparation and analysis by ICP.

Iodide in milk by Ion Chromatography

Iodine is an important component of human growth. Low levels lead to poor health and mental deficiencies. High levels can be a problem for babies with thyroid issues, thus careful monitoring of milk used for baby formula is required.

The current industry standard requires a labour intensive sample preparation followed by analysis with an ICP.

Metrohm IC provides a fast, convenient alternative. Key advantages:

Minimal sample preparation with Metrohm In-line Sample Preparation techniques

  • Low detection limits
  • Low operation costs
  • Proficient on-site service and support by a local team.

Avoid sample preparation

The ability to avoid sample preparation and expensive consumable parts is popular among both analysts and accountants. Manual sample preparation takes time and time equates to money.

Traditionally, this has certainly been the case for the analysis of iodine in milk. Long extractions followed by expensive analysis.

Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) puts an end to manual sample preparation for iodine analysis with ion chromatography. MISP stands for methods developed by Metrohm that allow you to fully automate the preparation of even the most challenging samples. Not only will you increase sample throughput but also improve accuracy and reproducibility of analyses and results.

The savings can be seen with real world examples.

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