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First fully integrated spectroelectrochemical instrument for research

First fully integrated spectroelectrochemical instrument for research

Combination of Raman and Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat in a fully integrated synchronized Raman Spectroelectrochemical instrument: The equipment can also be used independently as a Raman Spectrometer or as a Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat

SPELEC RAMAN is the world’s only equipment in the market for performing RAMAN  SPECTROELECTROCHEMISTRY studies combining in only one box a LASER Class 3B (785 nm), a Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat (± 4 V potential range, ± 40 mA current range) and a Spectrometer (wavelength range 785 – 1010 nm and Raman shift 0 – 2850 cm-1).

All the components are perfectly fitted and synchronized, offering for the first time a fully integrated synchronized Raman spectroelectrochemical instrument.

  • RAMAN SPECTRA advantages: compatible with aqueous samples, rapid identification, non-destructive
  • Real time Raman spectroelectrochemistry with SYNCHRONIZED RAMAN and ELECTROCHEMICAL measurements:
  • Surface characterization: new materials development, corrosion analysis, battery testing,…
  • EC-SERS for enhanced Raman Spectra increasing detection sensitivity
  • Ideal for qualitative & quantitative analysis: high sensitivity and reproducibility
  • In-situ, real time and synchronized Raman and Electrochemical measurements.


SPELEC RAMAN is controlled by DROPVIEW SPELEC Software, which provides powerful functions such as:

  • Time resolved RAMAN
  • Power laser control
  • Real Time panel that collects the generated spectra not only during the electrochemical measurement  but continuously at any time
  • Spectroscopic measurements in Counts, Counts minus Dark, Raman, Raman Shift during the Electrochemical process
  • Plot of Optical Signals vs. Potential/time Curves at specified wavelength and Raman Shift
  • Plot overlay, peak integration, smoothing, subtraction, derivative curve, baseline fitting
  • 3D plotting of curves, spectrum film


SPELEC RAMAN can be used with standard RAMAN cuvettes, but also with the new innovative DropSens cells for RAMAN SPECTROELECTROCHEMISTRY experiments using screen-printed electrodes.

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