Titration, a fast check for food grade oil quality

Cooking tasting a little off? Your oil may be the cause.

From the obvious uses in frying food, to the small amounts added in baking recipes, oils are important to our diet and provide the basis for cooking in a range of cuisines.

Rancid oil?

One thing we don’t want is rancid, or off, oil being used for foods. Peroxide value is a fast and accurate method for analysing the deterioration of oils, before they start smelling or tasting bad. Fresh oils generally contain peroxide of 10 meq/Kg or less. Used oils will start to taste poorly when peroxide levels roam above 20 meq/Kg.

The solution

Metrohm’s new OMNIS titration range provides even higher throughput for the analysis of peroxide value.

A 100,000 step dosing motor provides the peak of dosing accuracy.
The new digital platinum titrode ensures no electrical noise.
Automatic reagent addition can also be added to remove reagent-handling errors.

Are you looking for the best option for quality control? Discuss your options with Metrohm today.

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