How long is the shelf life of your product?

How long is the shelf life of your product?

Storage life, or shelf life, of a product is an important consideration.

The longer you store food, the higher the chance of it going bad. How do you know the length of time a product can be stored, on the shelf or in a shipping container?

Through accelerated aging, exposure to heat and increased volumes of air, it is possible predict the shelf life, or the oxidative stability, of food products containing natural fats and oils.

Metrohm’s Rancimat is a constant of ISO and AOCS norms for food analysis. While it is simple to use, it is also a flexible instrument with up to 8 samples able to be analysed simultaneously and in isolation. No need for time-consuming aging or analysis, the Rancimat simplifies oxidative stability measurement and enables same day reporting with little effort.

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