Workshops: Food and Beverage Analysis in the Modern Laboratory

Workshops: Food and Beverage Analysis in the Modern Laboratory

Metrohm Australia / New Zealand has the pleasure of inviting you to our workshop – Food and Beverage Analysis in the Modern Laboratory. Experience firsthand the power behind the instruments and methods and benefit from our experts sharing their in-depth knowledge.

We probably don’t need to emphasise the importance of adequate, correct and reliable food analysis and sample preparation to members of the food and beverage industry.

More important is what are the methods, techniques and processes available and where do we get the necessary support to perform these relevant analyses?

Metrohm Australia / New Zealand is inviting you to attend one of our upcoming free workshop on “Food and Beverage Analysis in the Modern Laboratory”.

This hands-on workshops will show you how to overcome day-to-day challenges from sample preparation through to sample analysis in your laboratory relating to your specific applications. You will be guided by our experts providing you their experience to gain accurate and reliable results for you analysis.

We will cover topics such as correct sample preparation using Retsch grinders and mills, adequate and professional pH measurements and modern titration applications for your industry as well as photometric analysis for mycotoxins, allergens and gluten, biogenic amines and more.

Choose from several venues and dates across Australia and New Zealand. Register now!

Reserve the date! You are invited to benefit from this unique opportunity to learn about modern food and beverage analysis, the basics, the tricks, and the methods behind the work of reliable and efficient laboratories in your field.

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