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Hundreds of applications

Access hundreds of tested and proven applications on-line.

The manufacturers and developers of our products  provide extensive online-support.

On their main websites you will find a vast repository of Application Bulletins, Application Notes and White Papers and more. Detailed product information is also available 24/7.

If you can’t find what you are looking for? Do you need a fast answer? Then call our experts at MEP. They will be happy to suggest a solution for you.


State-of-the-art application lab at MEP

MEP customers can always be certain that the acquired equipment will perform as expected. Analytical results will be accurate, precise and repeatable. We have installed a modern, efficient 120 m2 application lab at our headquarters in Gladesville, Sydney to best serve our customers.


Our application lab is available for expert instruction and training.

Contact us for more details and for advance bookings.

Test before you buy

Unsure if your chosen method will produce the results you anticipate? Test before you buy.

At MEP’s state-of-the art application lab we provide certainty before you make your final purchase decision. We test for
you the desired method for viability and accuracy, develop alternatives and optimise automation projects before you buy.

Fluctuating parameters?

Did some possibly undefined parameters change during operation? Don’t let your people tinker too long. Save time and money.

Our experts will work it out for you, right here, at our headquarters.

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