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The manufacturers and developers of our products  provide extensive online-support.

On their main websites you will find a vast repository of Application Bulletins, Application Notes and White Papers and more. Detailed product information is also available 24/7.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Call our experts at MEP. They will be happy to suggest a solution for you.

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Metrohm is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision instruments for chemical analysis. In the field of electrochemical ion analysis Metrohm has been the unchallenged world number one for many years. Metrohm is the only manufacturer with a sole focus on ion analysis from titration to pH, from ion chromatography to voltammetry.

Anton Paar

Anton Paar GmbH produces high-end measuring and laboratory instruments for industry and research. With its innovative solutions in measurements of density, concentration and CO2 and in the field of rheometry Anton Paar has secured its leading position worldwide.


DropSens is an innovative technology-based firm specialised in the design and manufacture of instruments and screen-printed electrodes, based on thick-film hybrid technology for electrochemistry research.

Retsch and Retsch Technology

Retsch Since 1915 Retsch has developed consistently within the fields of solids homogenization and sieve analysis. Its unparalleled product lines have won Retsch the position of world leader in the market of milling and sieving equipment. Retsch Technology Based on the experience and know-how of the parent company Retsch GmbH and in cooperation with partners Jenoptik and Horiba, Retsch Technologie


Can’t do it? Want to do it faster? Ask us how.

Do it faster - with our help! Finding time to develop new methods and applications is hard. MEP Instruments specialists can develop analysis solutions specifically for your lab or
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Monitoring and cleaning of exchange units

Exchange units must be monitored regularly and cleaned from time to time. Monthly inspections are called for when alkaline, corrosive or high-concentration reagents are used. If non-problematic reage
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MEP Catalogue 2017

Our catalogue includes an overview of our wide product range and refined analytical solutions used in many  industries – Analytical applications and instrumentation for industries such Beverage, Cemen
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Confidence in Quality with Metrohm Installation Services

Metrohm Installation Services ensure a proper installation and commissioning of your new instrument in accordance with the supplier’s specifications by trained professionals. This ensures that you can
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Service: Calibration for density meters

Calibration is required to maintain the precision and reliability of your density meter. Different substances have different densities. This characteristics is often used as a method to identify a mat
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MEP Service: Preventative maintenance – reduces the risk of equipment failure and downtime

Prevention is better than a cure. Most people schedule regular health and dental check-ups throughout the year. Knowing the weaknesses in a person’s body allows taking measures to prevent a serious an
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MEP Service: Titration – How to clean the dosing unit

Dosing units require regular inspections and must be disassembled down to the cylinder unit from time to time and cleaned as necessary. Monthly or even weekly inspections are calle
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MEP Service: Our engineers are trained to service your Analyzers

Our Service Engineers have received extensive factory training. Analyzers that are serviced on a regular basis fail less frequently, provide more accurate results and, put simply, perform better. It’s
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