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Ion Chromatography

Metrohm has reinvented ion chromatography


Metrohm Ion Chromatography

Metrohm Ion Chromatography for routine analysis and research applications

Ion Chromatography: We have made it the sensitive, robust, and affordable method that it is today, for routine use as well as for research applications.

Whatever the matrix, Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation offers a solution for straightforward, fully automated analysis of your samples. 3 year instrument warranty and 10 year warranty on our anion suppressor say it all about the robust Swiss quality of our ion chromatographs.

930 Compact IC Flex


930 Compact IC Flex

The 930 Compact IC Flex is a versatile ion chromatograph developed with a focus on the requirements of routine users.
It is robust and very easy to use. Hence, contract laboratories and quality control laboratories from all sectors with clearly defined analytical requirements will find the 930 Compact IC Flex their solution of choice.
Experience the versatility of the Metrohm 930 Compact IC Flex and put together the system for your application.

940 Professional IC Vario


940 Professional IC Vario

The limits of ion chromatography have yet to be reached.
If you want to push them, the 940 Professional IC Vario is your solution of choice.
Engineered for research and sophisticated method development, the 940 Professional IC Vario provides you with the ultimate flexibility you expect from an ion chromatograph.
Experience the versatility of the Metrohm 940 Professional IC Vario and put together the system for your application.



Eco IC

The Eco IC is built for the routine analysis of anions, cations, and polar substances.It comes with all components you need for analysis: Suppressor, conductivity detector, and software are all included.

It is therefore the ideal ion chromatography system for routine water analysis and for use in higher education. Typical analyses include:

  • Anions: chloride, nitrate, and sulfate
  • Cations: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium


Metrohm offers a comprehensive portfolio of columns of separation, preconcentration, and other columns for ion chromatography


View Metrohm’s detectors for conductivity, UV/VIS, and amperometric detection


Take a look at the options and benefits of Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation

Hyphenated techniques

Extend the scope of ion chromatography by interfacing your Metrohm IC with various sampling system and detection techniques


Automated ion chromatography helps you save time and improve your results.

MagIC Net

Extensive functionality, intuitive operation, and straightforward data management: let the Metrohm software work its magic.

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