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Separation Columns

A selection of 2 mm IC microbore separation columns

A selection of 2 mm IC microbore separation columns

Column selection for standard test methods

Meeting global standards in IC is now easy.

Metrohm columns are built and developed to meet compliance requirements.

Metrohm application chemists remain at the forefront of science and research where new simplified and enhanced methods are being developed.

When a Metrosep separation column is used in different systems, it conveys all its information to the next IC system. This results in complete traceability and GLP surveillance for all the columns used, even on different IC instruments. This greatly facilitates system validation.

  • All column data is immediately available.
  • Active monitoring of all important column functions
  • Complete traceability of all column parameters


Metrohm Separation Columns

The first intelligent ion chromatography column generation in the world: Insert and start

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