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Titration at its best – from Metrohm

907 Titrando with 900 Touch Control – the flagship of titration

At Metrohm, we don’t just sell titrators. We provide titration solutions.

It is this partnership that has made us the leading provider of titration solutions. And it is this partnership that will enable you to have a titration system that is tailored to your requirements.

We offer systems as sophisticated or as straightforward as you need them. Titrator, accessories, electrodes, sample changers, and software – all from a single source.


The whole new level of titration


OMNIS titration

Faster, safer, easier: OMNIS: The all-new titration system from Metrohm puts your requirements in the focus and offers a whole new level of performance



Metrohm’s high-end titrator for discerning professionals


904 Titrando with 900 Touch Control

Titrando titrators have been developed to meet exacting titration demands. These titrators come with a wide range of security and traceability options, making them particularly suitable for use in regulated industries. Titrandos are capable of performing all common titration types and offer a host of automation and control options.


Ti-Touch: The compact potentiometric titrator


916 Ti-Touch titrator

916 Ti-Touch titrator

The 916 Ti-Touch is a potentiometric titrator for routine applications. Designed as an easy-to-use and compact system, it is equipped with a variety of features to make your work more comfortable: color touch screen, shortcuts for favorite methods, a second port for an additional titration stand and buret, and many more.

Titrino plus

Titrino plus family: entry-level potentiometric titrators


877 Titrino plus titration equiment

877 Titrino plus titration equipment

These instruments offer excellent value for money and are a reliable partner in your lab.


Useful for sodium, FFA or TAN/TBN

M1784 MEP 859-Titrotherm-with-operator

859 Titrotherm with operator

Thermometric titrator for samples that cannot be analyzed with potentiometric titration, e.g., for soidum, FFA, or TAN/TBN determinations


M1784 MEP Electrode 69011040_s


Have a look at the broad choice of electrodes Metrohm offers for virtually any conceivable application.

Sample preparation

M1784 MEP 815-Robotic-Titration-Soliprep-with-laptop-PC

Sample preparation

Automated liquid handling, homogenization, and analysis: save time with a sample preparation solution from Metrohm.


Metrohm Titration Systems
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