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Microwave Chemistry

Microwave Chemistry

Anton Paar Microwave Chemistry
Microwave Chemistry and Microwave Synthesis systems from Anton Paar fulfill the increasing demand for straightforward solutions from initial R&D to kilogram scale up production.

For R&D and up to kilo-scale production

Anton Paar has been working in the field of sample preparation for over four decades.

Using high-quality materials and innovative solutions, Anton Paar defines a high standard. With the Multiwave PRO, Multiwave GO and HPA-S instruments Anton Paar provides solutions for high-end applications and for the price-sensitive market.

The state-of-the-art sample preparation systems from Anton Paar reduce the work required for handling, providing efficient and economic sample preparation for analytical laboratories.

Using the reaction systems from Anton Paar, the sample is digested by heating it together with an acid mixture up to temperatures between 170 °C and 320 °C.

With the HPA-S high-pressure asher, hermetically sealed reaction vessels and pressures up to 130 bar guarantee complete mineralization of the samples.

Microwave digestion systems provide an accelerated heating phase and the possibility of simultaneous digestion of a number of different samples. They support unique applications, such as microwave-assisted UV digestion and oxygen combustion.

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