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Autolab PGSTAT 101

PGSTAT 101 – the powerful entry-level potentiostat.

For over 60 years, Metrohm has provided reliable and quality solutions to the chemical industry, research facilities, and public institutions. Metrohm offers complete solutions for schools and universities for electrochemical doctrine and training.

The Metrohm Autolab potentiostat PGSTAT 101 is the new entry-level potentiostat for electrochemical measurements.

In conjunction with the powerful Nova software, it can be used for most electrochemical measuring techniques.

Whilst the PGSTAT 101 is an entry-level potentiostat, ideal for teaching and training, the quality and specifications are not compromised. It has an extremely small footprint, and can fit onto any laboratory bench, or into a production line. The PGSTAT 101 contains analogue and digital inputs and outputs that allow external devices to be connected and controlled. It also has an internal dummy cell, which allows the functionality of the potentiostat to be verified.

Electrode assembly

2, 3 and 4

Potential range

+ / – 10 V

Terminal voltage

+ / – 10 V

Maximum current

+ / – 100 mA

Current ranges 10 mA to 10 nA

Potential accuracy

+ / – 0.2%

Potential resolution

3 µV

Current Accuracy

+ / – 0.2%

Current resolution

0.0003% (of current range)

Input impedance

> 100 Gohm

Potentiostat bandwidth

1 MHz

Computer interface


Control software


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